Permit - FAQ

General Permit Information

Please see Types of Permits to see which is appropriate for your production. We reserve the right to revise your designation, based on your request.

All permits must be submitted no later than 7 business days prior to the shoot date, with letters to residents and businesses being disseminated the same day.

If you are planning a shoot  requiring parking, ITC/street closure, cranes, dolly  track; any medium to large footprint production shooting in a public park or public space: we require a preproduction meeting at minimum 2 weeks in advance of your first set up day or shoot date. All information and permit requirements are in the FAQ. Set up days are counted as shoot days unless your footprint is significantly smaller 

In residential and  residential/business areas ,no more than 5 parking spaces will be allowed for film trucks. Trucks may not be over 45'. Requests for more than 5 parking spaces are subject to approved by the  council person(s) representing the shoot location.   

Please contact us directly at 201-547-5083 with further questions

If your production meets any of the following criteria, you require a permit.

  • 4 or more total cast and crew on the set
  • Jibs, dollies, lights or reflectors on stands on a public right-of-way
  • Permitted parking
  • Actors dressed as public safety officials or first responders
  • Prop firearms or weapons
  • Flame of any kind
  • Street closure
  • Utilizing a City-owned building as a location
  • Exclusive access to a public space
  • Utilizing FilmJC office resources
  • Flying a drone. Drones require a permit whatever size cast crew. Permit is free if crew numbers fewer than 3 people.

No permit is required if the following criteria are met:

  • 3 or fewer total people on the set
  • 2 cameras or fewer with tripods or handheld
  • No parking is requested
  • You are not using audio or light stands
  • You do not require exclusive access
  • You do not require police (see restrictions)
  • You are not using a drone
  • You are shooting and parking COMPLETELY on private property and are not using ANY city resources, including those of the Film Office, Parking, Traffic, or Public Safety.

We will send you a PDF permit once payment for the permit (not the application fee) has been remitted.

Once you create an account, you will submit a permit application. Fill the application page only, including all locations in the appropriate field.

Do NOT submit a new permit application for each production day for the same location on congruent days, or for half day in one location, half day in another on the same day.

When the permit application fee is paid, you will receive a DocuSign, where all production details and support documents will be uploaded.

Permit applications for Minor and Intermediate shoots requiring parking must be received seven (7) businesses days prior the shoot day.

All large footprint productions requesting ITC, street closure, permitted parking for vehicles or picture, or off duty police must make the request for any use of streets or sidewalks fifteen (15) business days prior to shoot day.

Minor and Intermediate productions may request expediting within 5 business days of the shoot, subject to a $1000 expedite fee. These do not include those requesting ITC or street closure, which cannot be expedited.

All permits require a valid COI naming the City of Jersey City, 280 Grove Street. Please see the Insurance FAQ for complete information.

Before you sign the DocuSign, please assure you have included the following:

  • A comprehensive shoot plan that shows the action at each location, including personnel, camera movement and positions if using a street or sidewalk.
  • Location map(s) showing shoot area positions of camera, cast and crew, video village, staging areas and requested parking for production vehicles. No personal vehicles will be given parking permits.
  • DO NOT SIGN the DocuSign until you have received a Traffic Permit for parking, ITC, or street closure.

Shooting on public property may incur a maintenance fee.

Street sign removal will incur a fee and potentially worker overtime. Traffic signs must be replaced immediately at wrap by City workers.

Set up days are charged as film days unless the footprint is significantly smaller.

See Types of Permits to view specific permit requirements.

By making application for a permit, applicant, its officers, agents, contractors, servants, consultants, employees and affiliates agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Jersey City, its authorized agents, officers, representatives and employees from any and all losses, liability, expense, claim or damages including, without limitation, defense costs and reasonable legal fees resulting from any and all activities including any accident, loss, injury to or death of persons or damage to property which the City may incur arising out of or related to the Filming and/or Photography permitted under the permit, including but not limited to the City’s issuance of a permit to film pursuant to this chapter, The applicant’s liability under the permit shall continue after the expiration of the permit with respect to any loss, damage or act occurring prior to the expiration of the permit.


Types of Permits

Major or Intermediate Permit - shoots requesting ITC/street closure, cranes, dolly  track and any medium to large footprint production shooting in a public space require a preproduction meeting a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of your first set up day or shoot date.  Set up days are counted as shoot days unless your footprint is significantly smaller 

In residential and  residential/business areas ,no more than 5 parking spaces will be allowed for film trucks. Trucks may not be over 45'. Requests for more than 5 parking spaces are subject to approved by the  council person(s) representing the shoot location. 

All permits require a valid COI naming the City of Jersey City, 280 Grove Street, Jersey City NJ 07302

Minor Permit

Non-commercial still shoots, web series and short films:

  • 4 -15  cast and crew total
  • Cameras on tripod, handheld, gimbal or steady cam
  • No dolly with track
  • No jibs or cranes
  • No special effects
  • No grip stands, lighting or reflectors on stands on any public right of way (street, sidewalk, park, etc)
  • No ITC or street closure
  • No off duty officers
  • Permitted parking for three or fewer 18' production vehicles

$100   non-refundable application fee payable one time per calendar year

$250 per day

Intermediate Permit

All commercial still and smaller film shoots, web series, Indie films, short films with:

  • Total cast/crew 16-25
  • Total of 5 parking spaces
  • No ITC, or street closure
  • No special FX 

$200 non-refundable application fee payable one time per calendar year

$1000 per day

Major Permit

Any major motion picture, commercial or series, whether for web, streaming, broadcast or theatrical release. 

All large footprint productions requesting ITC, street closure or off duty police submit their parking, ITC, or street closure plan fifteen (15) days prior to shoot day for approval by the Traffic Division.

Set up and wrap days will be charged as shoot days unless the production's footprint is significantly smaller.

$300 non-refundable application fee payable one time per calendar year

$1500 per day

No Permit

  • 1-3 people
  • Hand-held equipment 
  • Up to 2 cameras on tripods that don't obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • No lighting or audio stands (reflectors held by crew are permitted)
  • Credentialed press photographers and videographers do not need permits
  • No parking permits will be issued

If your production requires street closure, actors dressed in public safety or first responder uniforms, prop firearms, special effects using flames, you must have a permit, regardless of cast/crew number.

5 feet of pedestrian right of way (sidewalk) must always be kept clear of production equipment for all films except where production has requested to use the sidewalk. Off duty police or flaggers will be required for pedestrian safety.

Productions with a small footprint may request expediting, subject to a $1000 expedite fee. These do not include those requesting ITC or street closure, which cannot be expedited.

Free Permit

Student films (proof of student status required),  some small non-profit film shoots (proof of 501c3 is required). Please contact the film office 201-547-5083.


All permitted films in Jersey City require insurance. Before you receive a permit, you must submit and receive approval, a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE (COI), which must include the following:

•    Commercial General Liability (CHL) insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate

•    Evidence of Workers Compensation for all employees with NJ Statutory limits

•    Automobile liability (AL), with a $1,000,000 combined single limit, if you will be using vehicles, owned and/or rented/hired for transporting cast, crew or equipment, and/or are parking on a City street

•    Name on application must match that on the COI

•    Insurance policies must contain valid effective dates covering the date of filming

•    COI must name “the City of Jersey City and it’s employees, agents and officers as Additional Insured (AI) on CGL and AL coverage

•    COI Certificate Holder must be listed as CITY OF JERSEY CITY, 280 Grove Street, Jersey City NJ 07302

Please include the name of the insurance company and broker (with signature), dates for which the policy is in effect and the policy number.

We cannot issue a permit until the COI has been received and approved by the City of Jersey City's Office of Risk Management.

Student Films


Students producing films as part of their curriculum are covered under the school's insurance policy. Check with your school's risk management department or FilmJC for how to obtain an insurance certificate. The COI through your school can take up to several weeks to receive. Start this process early!

Permit Checklist

    • Must be disseminated on the affected blocks prior to or simultaneously with the posting of parking signs.
    • Use the template on

NOTE: While FilmJC is able to expedite some productions inside 5 business days prior to your shoot with a $1000 expedite fee, films with large footprints that are requesting ITC or street closure will not be accommodated.

City - FAQ


Parking on city streets in Jersey City is extremely limited. More than 5 - 25' production vehicles will be treated as special requests and are not guaranteed to be granted.

Reserved parking spaces for picture in residential neighborhoods is granted on a limited basis as a special request. 

No parking requests will be fulfilled on the Friday prior to a 3 day weekend, if the request is for the Tuesday after the weekend. Jersey City observes all federal holidays. See calendar HERE.

If you are filming inside private property, and require reserved parking for essential vehicles on public City streets, you must apply for and receive a FilmJC permit.

If you are inside private property and are using that location's parking facility, you do not require a FilmJC permit.

  • Productions must basecamp 
  • No crew/non-production vehicle parking
  • Submit a map with your requested parking locations.
  • Completed parking request for Minor and Intermediate films must be received no later than 10 business days prior to your shoot.
  • Productions must remove all parking and production signs upon wrap.
  • Once signs are printed, parking fees will be charged for one day of parking, even if the production is cancelled or postponed.
  • All large footprint productions requesting ITC, street closure, permitted parking or off duty police must attend a production meeting with Film staff.

All requests must be approved by the Traffic andParking departments and are subject to limitations of construction or roadwork in the area. Please contact the Film Office for construction information before you firm your location. 201-547-5083

Please note: there is no parking allowed on Exchange Place under any circumstances, and if you require parking close to the Waterfront Walkway, there will be a surcharge.

Please see information under individual permit types for parking space numbers allowed under each permit.

Parking fees: $20 per parking space per day. Signs must be posted either by the production or by the Parking Division at least 48 hours prior to start of requested permitted parking.  Signs must be removed from the location by the production upon wrap. City trash receptacles may not be used for signs. (Jersey City Ordinance 22-023)

Towing does not start until 7am on the day of your shoot, or at the time on your parking permit, whichever is later.

Police and Fire


There are specific circumstances where  the City  requires that you hire a Jersey City off duty  police officer.

  • Use of prop firearms
  • Pyrotechnics and some special effects
  • Stunts
  • Actors dressed as public safety or first responder  personnel
  • Prop public safety or emergency  vehicles
  • Some controlled intersections 

Street closures and ITC require traffic control, either with off duty police officers, or  with flaggers, depending upon the type of intersection. Fees for officers are $67.00  per hour, with a 4 hour and 2 officer  minimum. Cancellations must be made 24 hours or more prior to the start of your shoot.

Please note: Application for a film permit requiring a police officer must be remitted at least 4 business days prior to the scheduled shoot day. Payment for off duty police must be made by credit card (billed by FilmJC) or by certified check delivered to 1 Journal Square at least 2 days prior to your shoot day.

County-owned roadways such as JFK Boulevard, require permitting by the Hudson County sheriff's office. 


  • Exterior generators, including van gennys (add the gas tank to total)  holding >60 gallons require a permit
  • All interior generators require a permit
  • All food trucks must have a valid JERSEY CITY fire permit (Email us for a list of Jersey City food trucks. Be aware that the permit process is done by the truck owner and can take time. Email for the applications)

Fire permit applications must be submitted to Fire Headquarters, 465 Marin Blvd, JC NJ 07302


Crediting the City of Jersey City

The City of Jersey City requests that  the following  language appear in the end credits:

•  For films or series shot partly on location in Jersey City or with any assistance from FilmJC:

                   Scenes were filmed on location in the City of Jersey City

                  ( or)

                  Thanks to the residents and  City of Jersey City

•   For films or series shot primarily or entirely in Jersey City with assistance from FilmJC:

                   Shot on location in the City of Jersey City


                   Filmed in Jersey City

The FilmJC logo may be used. Please request a high res file.


Filming in Jersey City Public Buildings

Some Jersey City public buildings may be available as locations. Please contact us directly for information. Each request will be decided on a case-by-case basis, and will incur additional fees for maintenance and security.  Additional insurance may also be required.

Use our contact form or 201-547-5083

Letters to the Neighborhood

To inform residents and merchants who may be directly affected by the production (including by parking and meal areas and basecamps), a letter to residents and businesses must be written and dropped in the mailbox of each home or store on the street of your location or where production vehicles will be parked at least 48 hours prior to filming.

Please use the sample Letter to Residents and Businesses, and include the following information in your letter to residents and businesses:

  • Production company name
  • Contact information of location or production manager and cell phone 
  • Production title 
  • Type of production (feature film, television show or pilot, commercial, etc.)
  • Description of activity
  • Dates, times, number of days of production, including prep and strike

Private and Special Jurisdiction Locations

Private Locations:

Please submit a letter of agreement for each private location where you are shooting. The letter must contain the date of your production, the location address, and signatures of both production representative, and the location owner. The letter must be on the private location's company letterhead for commercial locations.

Additional permits and payment may be required for city-owned locations. Please contact our office at 201-547-5083

Special Jurisdiction Locations:

For any location sites not directly available through our permit, FilmJC may be able to direct you the appropriate office for your requests. These include the Port Authority (PATH), New Jersey Transit (Light Rail and buses), government buildings, parks and landmarks under county, state or federal jurisdiction, and some Jersey City-owned buildings and thoroughfares.

Additional permits, insurance and maintenance fees may be required for Special Jurisdiction Locations.